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Modified COTS

23” Modified COTS LCD DO-160 Crash Tested

RSI has found that in some instances our customers did not require a truly rugged or industrial grade design.  Our solution to this was to develop a method of modifying purely commercial displays to survive low level MIL-STD and DO160 vibration and shock requirements.  We maintain the look and feel of the COTS product while providing a more capable, sturdier finished part.

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Standard Features

  • 19” Rack mount kit
  • HD resolution (1920x1080)
  • Native OSD menu and controls
  • Part maintains all functionality of COTS product

Optional Features

  • Panel Mount kit


  • DO-160 - vibration

Frequently Asked Questions

What is mCOT?

mCOT, or modified commercial-off-the-shelf, refers to commercial-off-the-shelf hardware that is developed or customized by CRI (a commercial vendor) for our customers. 

How does mCOTS benefit me?

Because mCOTs products are designed to be easily installed and interoperate with existing system components, they can be more affordable and faster to produce, saving you time and money and lowering your lifecycle costs. 

What mCOTs products do you offer?

We offer a mCOT monitor (above) that’s DO-160 compliant, and that meets low-level MIL-STD vibration and shock requirements. 

What’s the primary benefit of your mCOT product?

By retaining the commercial appearance of the display itself, while upgrading its structural and electrical components, we’re able to offer our DO-160 compliant rugged LCD screens at a fraction of the cost of a MIL-SPEC rated display. 

Do you also offer military grade LCD monitors?

Yes. We provide rugged LCD monitors that are sealed for salt and fog applications and are MIL-STD-810 certified. Please refer to our Sealed Rugged LCD Monitors for more information about our military grade monitors. 

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