25+ years of industry leadership

Multifaceted Development

CRI combines industry leadership, high-performance computing, and advanced thermal, electrical, environmental, and mechanical design to deliver reliable, rugged standards-based and custom embedded computing solutions for OEMs, systems integrators, and application providers.

From rugged COTS products to build-to-print and design / build products, CRI is committed to building products that achieve a superior balance between standard commercial technology and ruggedness to keep mission-critical applications available in the most demanding environments.

CRI engineers are experts in the design of embedded systems solutions, custom cabling/harness, and proprietary patch panels that reduce risk and increase survivability in extreme environmental conditions. CRI works closely with customers and partners to design solutions that are easy to integrate, cost less to own and operate, and maximize the use of standard commercial technology while consistent with performance goals and environmental requirements.

Design Engineering

Design Engineering

As an industry-leading technology and product provider across multiple industries, CRI builds products on tight and demanding schedules. Our piece of the solution must interoperate with all the pieces that other teams are building. When the technology is mission-critical, CRI products have to perform with unerring reliability and predictability which is proven by our exceptional track record of 100% project success.

Built To Print


CRI’s Build-to-Print processes and techniques have been developed and perfected over many years and are continually monitored, revised and upgraded to remain current with application, certifications and market demands.

Electro Mechanical Engineering

Electro-Mechanical Assembly

Whether a completed design or a partial design, CRIs team of professionally trained technicians and engineers can provide a competitive work force to complete most Electro-Mechanical assembly projects.  


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