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CRI products and services ensure best practices across multiple industries to deliver unmatched capability, performance, and reliability in any environment.

State-of-the-Art Products & Services

for the extreme environment



CRI is a cross-industry leader of rugged COTS technology, High Performance Computing solutions, and Design Engineered / Build-to-Print outsourced manufactured products that operate in the most demanding environments.  CRI’s shared best practices brings technology innovations that support a wide range of specialized products and system designs that are readily adaptable to meet the demands of new programs, applications, and emerging technologies across multiple industries, disciplines, and certification requirements.  For more than 30 years, CRI has thrived by providing customers with innovative and cost-saving products and services.




CRI has provided mission-critical components and subsystems on key programs for the Aerospace defense OEMs and Integrators and the U.S. Air Force.  CRI supplies systems, components, panels, cable assemblies, and other components for many of the fighter, bomber, UAV, and other aircraft in use today.  In addition to producing aircraft components and subsystems, CRI develops complex data acquisition systems and custom data storage arrays for flight test engineering and sensor arrays. Our technology has been used in:


•Virginia Class Sub – Periscope control system

•Fighter Drone – Squadron control system





CRI has supplied sophisticated products and services to ground forces around the globe. CRI products can be found in many shipboard applications as well as vehicle and shelter based ground applications.  CRI has a unique ability to customize and configure our rugged COTS products, design engineered products, or build-to-print products with the most advanced performance characteristics while meeting military specifications for thermal, shock, vibration, EMI/RFI, size, weight, and power (SWaP) requirements. Our technology has been used in:


•EFOG-M – mobile missle platform

•Predator – Video acquistion workstation

•JTAGS – Servers, Displays

•SBIRS - Servers




CRI is a technology leader and supplier to the railroad, mass transit, and marine industries. CRI provides rugged information technology and High Performance Computing solutions and other products to freight and passenger locomotives, railway signaling and communications systems, mass transit systems (busses, trains, and ferries) along with high-quality replacement parts and value added services.


CRI specializes in offering innovative solutions to unique transportation challenges by providing world class engineering and manufacturing, experienced systems integration, and extensive program lifecycle management support. Our strength as a company lies in our adaptability and flexibility to various customer requirements. Through our start-to-end commitment to client satisfaction, CRI’s technology solutions help support our customers’ missions from concept through completion.





CRI is a trusted leader in advanced rugged technology equipment and services for all segments of the oil and gas industry from exploration, drilling, production, LNG, pipelines, and storage to industrial power generation, refining, and petrochemicals. CRI also provides custom solutions, including Build-to-Print and Design Engineering products and services to support a variety of new and legacy systems and products.  CRI designs and manufactures Rugged COTS, High Performance Computing solutions, cable, harnesses, and a variety of other custom products for the oilfield services segment. Our technology has been used in:


• Diablo valley nuclear plant

• Energy northwest

• Weatherford – Custom communications electronics

• Pinnacle

• Halliburton



Commercial Aerospace


For 25 years CRI has been developing complex data acquisition systems and custom data storage arrays for flight test engineering and sensor suites for commercial aircraft. Our products range from modified COTS to fully rugged crash rated equipment racks. Our line of reinforced commercial LCD panels, which were installed in an airborne test lab, successfully passed DO-160 vibration and shock testing. From simple to complex, from flight-line to 42,000 feet, CRI has a proven track record in commercial aircraft equipment support.





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