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Rugged Displays

Industry Benchmark for rugged reliability and operation under any condition.

Rugged Versatility

State-of-the-Art Components


Rugged Products - Displays


CRI rugged displays have at a minimum the following:

• NEMA Metal Enclosure

• Industrial Components

• Sunlight Readable

• Night Vision Device

• Shock Isolated

• Up to 4/8 K Resolution

• Extended Temperature

• Sealed Buttons / Connectors

• Programmable Bezel Buttons

• Wide Viewing Angles

• High Contrast

• Optically Bonded Glass with Anti-Reflective Coating

• Corrosion & Scratch Resistance

• Conformal Coating

• Multiple Mounting Options

Rack Mount

Rack Mount Tray

Rack Mount Combo Display and Keyboard

Wall Mount

Pedestal Mount

Radial Mounting Arms

Articulating Mounts


The CRI rugged displays have been designed and improved upon in multi-generational products.  CRI ultra-rugged, harsh-duty sunlight readable LCD displays are engineered for the most demanding applications and provide exceptional corrosion resistance and protection from direct or windblown dust and rain, splashing water, snow, ice formation and even temporary submersion (on some models). Designed for extreme environments and integrated with the latest optical technology for unparalleled sunlight readability, CRI rugged displays provide users with a reliable, high-resolution display with exceptional clarity, wide viewing angles, and extensive operational temperatures (-40°C/-40°F to +70°C/+158°F).


Industrial Panel PC

Industrial Panel PC

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Modified COTS

Modified COTS

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Rugged LCD

Rugged LCD

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Sealed Panel Mount LCD

Sealed Panel Mount LCD

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A core strength of CRI is to customize or design custom products, including our award winning display products and technology.  If you don’t see the exact display you are looking for, don’t worry, we’ve probably already designed it or can do so with relative ease with the peace of mind that CRI stands behind all its products.  The CRI Design Engineering and Build-to-Print capabilities ensure our products are delivered On Time, On Budget…No Compromise.

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