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Whether you provide the completed design or only

a partial design. CRI offers outsource manufacturing

Build-to-Print service for Customer-designed products.


Build To Print / Electro Mechanical-Assembly

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CRI Capabilities

Engineering Solutions

Whether you provide the completed design or only a partial design, CRI offers an outsourced manufacturing Build-to-Print service for Customer-designed products.

Engineered Solutions



CRI Build-to-Print Process

CRI’s Build-to-Print processes and techniques have been developed and perfected over many years and are continually monitored, revised and upgraded to remain current with application, certifications and market demands.


The CRI Build-to-Print capability ensures our customers receive the highest quality products with on-time delivery and on-budget results over the life of the project. The Build-to-Print process can be modified depending on the complexity and completeness of the design and our customers’ requirements. CRI has extensive experience with stringent Quality Control specifications. Your documents, prints, and procedures are used to build your products. We are certified per ISO9001:2015, AS9100D and NIST 800-171. These procedures ensure that you receive products that meet all your requirements.


CRI Build-to-Print Capabilities

Mechanical Assemblies

Electromechanical Assemblies

Complex Cabling and Harnesses

Switch System Matrix and Panels

Chassis and Card Assemblies

Precision Mechanical Fixtures Assemblies

Product Prototypes

The CRI Difference


On-Time Delivery

On-Budget Cost

High Quality

High Reliability



Complete Customer Satisfaction is our goal and can be measured by the thousands of repeat customers from leading companies and other organizations around the globe.


Reliability and Repeatability

CRI is an outsource manufacturer of choice for Build-to-Print products for many of the world’s leading companies across our industry expertise: Aerospace, Defense, Energy (including oil & gas exploration and refining) and General Industries (including OEMS, Integrators, transportation, mining, construction, medical, sciences, etc).  CRI has proven through demonstrated performance and supplier quality awards across multiple industries, we deliver quality products on-time and over the life of the products.


To ensure our Reliability and Repeatability, CRI works closely with our customers.  We value the trust you put in CRI to deliver products critical to your core business and/or your customers.


Customer documents and designs are controlled under an electronic Document and Configuration Management Control System

Work Instructions and Final Assembly Drawings are created to ISO Standards (which apply to all aspects of production)

Approved Sources for Secondary Processes

Refurbishment Services on in-service products

Life Cycle Management for End-of-Life components

Program and Quality Management throughout the life of the product

Executive and Management oversight for Customer Satisfaction and Product Control


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