Rugged Products - Servers & Workstations

Rugged Design


Every aspect of CRI servers and

workstations have been reviewed,

designed, tested and proven in the

real world for operational performance

under the harshest conditions.

In particular, CRI rugged servers

and workstations perform

exceptionally well in reference to

Size, Weight, Power and Cooling

(SWaP-C) constrained conditions.

Rugged Manufacturing


CRI utilizes demanding processes

developed through many years of

applied research and development,

to build products that are designed

from the ground up to give years of

reliable operation in extremes of

operating temperature, shock,

vibration and corrosive atmospheres.

Extreme Performance


CRI rugged servers and workstations

 are designed with the latest generation

products (processors, hard drives, I/O,

back planes, interconnects and other

options), to ensure the highest

performance characteristics while

optimizing uptime performance, life

cycle costs and obsolescence risk.

Engineered Platform


CRI rugged servers and workstations

are designed for backward compatibility

and pull-and-replace functionality.

Upgraded products from the same

product family can be installed in the

systems without changes to power, I/O,

pin-outs and application software.  CRI

engineering can also configure or

customize CRI products to fit competitive

product architecture.


Designed for the harshest military, aerospace, oil & gas and other environments.


Featuring the latest Intel Xeon Hex Core series CPU

high speed SATA controllers for uncompromising performance in

high reliability, Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) constrained application.


The CRI Rugged Servers and Workstations are the industry benchmark for Price, Performance and Reliability in the most

rugged conditions.  CRI Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance and Product Lifecycle Support, ensure you have

the highest performance, rugged servers and workstations on the market.  CRI offers a variety of form factors, options and

capabilities to meet your specific requirements.  If you don’t see an exact fit from our standard products, we are happy to

configure and/or customize our products to nearly any form factor and/or options.





EIA Height:  1U

Depth:  14"

HDD: 2.5"/3.5" - 2/0

Raid Types:   0,1

I/O Front/Rear:   F or R

Weight:   <20 lbs

Power options:  AC/DC

Hotswap redundant:  Varies



EIA Height:  1U

Depth:  20"

HDD: 2.5"/3.5" - 9/0

Raid Types:   0,1,5,10

I/O Front/Rear:   F or R

Weight:   20-25 lbs

Power options:  AC/DC

Hotswap redundant:  Varies



Industry Performance


CRI has implemented rugged servers and workstations across all industries to include:  Aerospace (Commercial and Defense), Defense (Land & Sea), Energy (Oil & Gas Exploration and Refining), Transportation (Railroad and Mass Transit) and other General Industries (Mining, Heavy Construction, Medical, and Science). CRI offers a wide range of platforms and capabilities to meet almost any requirement.  In the chart below, you will find a sample of some of the various options available.  If you have a requirement that is not listed, please inquire and we can offer a solution.

Environmental Performance


CRI Engineering designs and test CRI

rugged servers and workstations to meet

or exceed applicable Mil-Spec, ISO and

Aerospace requirements.  Our in-house

testing and design simulation using Finite

Element Analysis and thermal simulation

software, ensure CRI products are

designed and manufactured to perform

under any condition on land, air or sea.

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